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Take a tour of Kigali

Our Talking Through Art Walking Tour offers an authentic fun, informative and uniquely personal insight into the culture, history, and daily life of Gikondo. You will have the opportunity to explore some of the hidden areas of our local community, immersing yourself in Rwandan Culture and daily life in this bustling and vibrant area of Kigali. Your Walking Tour will be led by a local guide who has lived and worked in Gikondo all his life and is a wealth of interesting information! Our Walking Tour begins at Talking Through Art with a traditional snack and an introduction to the history of the centre and the work we do here. Our tour will weave through the back streets of our local neighborhood, Rujugiro, and we will take you to some of the highest vantage points overlooking Nyamirambo, the oldest part of Kigali, as well as lookouts with clear views of Mount Rebero and Mount Kigali where you will enjoy beautiful vistas and have time to take photographs. We will lead you into one of the

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